Edge Studios Indoor Media provides rich advertising utilizing a network of flat-screen displays. These dynamic video advertisements gain the attention of captive viewers in a way print ads can't match. Our systems are located throughout restaurants, nightclubs, salons, fitness clubs and boutiques.
It's a simple, unique and affordable way to advertise.
New Locations Wanted
We're searching for locations to install
our indoor media screens.

Benefits include:

  • Revenue profit sharing
  • Advertise specials on-demand
  • We take care of the maintenance
  • ...and much more (of course)
  • STEP 1: Design an advertisement
    Advertisements can be a static image or Adobe Flash. If you can use a photo editor, you can probably create your own advertisement. Don't worry though; we have designers that can do it for you.
    STEP 2: Upload your advertisement and select target venues
    After we create your account, you can upload your advertisement online and pick where you want it to be shown. Remember: You can change advertisements and venues whenever you want.
    STEP 3: Your advertisement is distributed real-time to targeted venues
    Okay, this really isn't a step for you so it's easier than we thought. We do all the hard work and push your advertisement to all the venues you selected. On-demand and real-time.
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